Alvin Brown Shoes

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Alvin Brown Shoes

Trendy Alvin brown nubuck shoes with two tone sole and decorative tab.

For smart or casual wear, the Alvin brown shoes look pretty on the outside and have many features that will help your child’s feet to be as comfortable as possible due to the medically approved details and features.

Made from the highest quality soft leather on the outside and the inside of the shoes this naturally adapts to the shape of your child’s feet which will make them as comfortable as possible. The leather is also naturally absorbent which reduces the problem if your child struggles with sweaty feet.

There is a clever ( medically approved ) system on the sole of the shoes that enables you to check the condition of your child’s feet, allowing for correction or prevention of existing or potential foot problems.

The Velcro fastening all the way up the front  of the sandals  helps you to open them out completely which makes it much easier for you or your child the put them on or take them off again. There is also plenty of support around the back of the ankle for maximum stabilisation. 

  • 100% super soft highest quality leather

  • Three Velcro fastenings to allow for a perfect adjustable fit.

  • Diagnostic system on the sole to monitor the foot’s progress.

  • A special sole shape stabilizes the foot to maximise its proper position when walking.

  • The sandals open right out so it is easier to put them on and take them off.

  • The ankles are fully supported

  • The Velcro fastening will allow the shoes to extend and fit over a wide variety of splints or plastic orthotic devices.

  • The soft highest quality leather will support the foot and reduce sweat.


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