Why appearances matter to families with Special needs.

I’m not having my son dressed like a guy!

I was on the phone today to one of my customers, she had rung for some more vests as the last ones had finally got too scruffy to use( after around 5 years and 14,000 washes! )

“They really do last well “she commented as she went on to explain how very important her sons appearance is to her. “ I have always dressed him well in trendy clothes just the same as all the other boys his age, just because he has special needs there was NO WAY I was going to let him be dressed up like some scruffy guy on bonfire night, thrown together and not fitting properly. Even now he is 18 and spends some of his time away from me, I still make sure he always looks as good as possible,it’s so important to me.”

This is something I hear all the time, I just loved the comparison with “a Guy” it stuck in my mind as a vivid description of how uncomfortable and awkward or out of date people with special needs used to look not so long ago when it was somehow accepted that they dressed like their parents, and were forbidden to wear anything other than beige polyester!

So much has improved and changed especially in the last 10 years, children and young adults with special needs often have to work hard to find suitable age appropriate clothing that fits comfortably but looking the same as other people your age is a massive step towards understanding and inclusion.