Weed Whacking Weasel!

 What a brilliant name for a landscape gardening business, you certainly would stand out from the crowd and perhaps be easier to remember, even if you only remember It’s the one with the funny name.

Weed Whacking Weasel is a landscaping business set up in North California by Vinnie Ireland, one of the increasing number of business owners who is autistic and has been supported to develop his own unique business.

I think we need more Vinnies in business to add some vibrancy and original thinking to the work place. What do you think?


“Vinnie Ireland. Despite having limited language abilities, Vinnie owns a landscaping company, which he calls Weed Whacking Weasel, in North Carolina. Vinnie has family members to assist with the marketing and billing, but Vinnie fulfills and enjoys the landscaping tasks. Like any business owner, autistic business owners can be extremely successful, as they are dedicated to their company and are passionate about what they do.”