Changing the face of beauty.

mission. To integrate individuals with disabilities into general advertising.  It is our goal that all people will be represented all the time. It is just right.

I am slightly tearful this morning, I have just been browsing through the “changing the face of Beauty” website. It’s an emotional thing for me to see so many wonderful pictures of children and adults with disabilities as it is a shared passion of mine.

When we started Rackety’s  I was on a mission to change the visual face of adults and children with different disabilities from within the “healthcare industry”, I was shocked and appalled by the accepted level of imagery used at the time. How we present our products visually has always been equally important to us as the standards of quality and design of the product.

How things have progressed in ten years- the joy, colour and beauty of difference is so much better represented now within the industry, and it is wonderful to see this gradually extending through to mainstream.

Find out more about this great campaign here.