The (Controversial?)Blended Diet-

A few years ago we did a photoshoot with a lovely little boy called Cameron, who is tube fed. I remember two things about him, his stunning blue eyes and the fact he was so very frail and listless. His Mum rang me up this morning to buy some new vests, I have not heard from her for a few years and was intrigued to find out why.

“We just havn’t needed any more vests from you as the 7-8y size have lasted us for ages, the quality is so good and Cameron was just not growing. Now he has changed out of all recognition and we need a much bigger size as he has filled out and is so much better, we can hardly believe the difference”

The reason behind the dramatic change is his diet, his parents are now using the prescribed formula via his tube with a blended diet of regular food combined. This I understand is controversial as it is not recommended by the dietitians and nutritional experts who advise tube users and their carers.

It is not for me to say what works but as so many of our customers are peg fed I thought it may be interesting to add a link so you could find out more about the Blended Diet if you want to. This is a link to a closed group on facebook, it is a place to share information, gather support and advice and dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding the practise of feeding real food via a tube.

I expect there will be a lot more developments on this subject in the future, let me know what you think?