Disabled Children’s Charity Christmas Card Ideas!

If you (like me) tend to run out of time in the run up to Christmas, we have gathered together a handy list of Christmas Cards that are all sold to benefit Children’s Disability Charities. I have chosen my personal favourite card from each Charity just to give you an idea what is available and a short cut to selecting a feel good card if you do not already have a favourite Charity of your own.

The list includes some innovative ideas such as e-cards and the rather exciting, and very cute Crackers that have jewellery raffle prize included!

Happy shopping and please feel free to send us your favourite card  and charity to me so I can add to the list!



Some great e-cards as well as the traditional type.


Downs Syndrome Association


I love this drawing and the lovely blue sky.


Caudwell Children


We have to include our local Charity they do such great work!



National Autistic society


I loved both these cards and couldn’t choose a favourite!



Reverse Rett’s syndrome


These are beautiful cards made by a Mummy who’s daughter has Rett’s syndrome- they are simply lovely.





Jennifer Trust ( SMA )


Rolly poly polar bears what’s not to like!




Who can never resist a wild looking Rudolph!


Rainbow Trust


 Slightly batty skating nuns!

A box of five Christmas Crackers

Our mini-crackers are measured at H:180mm W:30mm D:28mm and they contain a hat, a Christmas joke and your individual cracker number with instructions on how to enter our Christmas raffle to win a £5,000 piece of Boodles diamond jewellery.

What a cracking idea we really love these!!             


Ray of Sunshine


Sorry I have to confess I don’t really love this card but the Charity is clearly doing a wonderful job! With Simon Cowell as a patron I couldn’t resist.



National Information for Metabolic Diseases.

Thank you Sarah Makepeace for sending us this lovely collection.                                                  ttp://www. nicmd.org.uk/shop/


Mathews Friends as suggested by Julie. ( sorry can’t get the picture! )



Disability Challengers as suggested by Sophie.


We didn’t know about this charity, but are glad we do now and love the cards.

Very cute Robin- love him.



Autism Puzzles

This range of cards are stunningly original, unfortunately I am not totally sure where to get them from, I found them on this link.