Downs Syndrome Awareness Month.

October is officially Downs Syndrome Awareness Month. Rackety’s have a very large group of customers who may like to find out more about this and why it is an important campaign.

Not being a first-hand expert on the subject – I am pleased to recommend a terrific blog post called Downside UP, thoughtfully created by Hayley Goleniowska. Hayley is a Mum, a campaigner and educator ( among other things! ) who writes beautifully on the subject, and has created an award winning vibrant and gorgeous blog.

I was particularly impressed by her approach to helping those who do not live in the world of disability understand it better. It is a subject we all grapple with and one Rackety’s share a responsibility for.

We hope you like it too, and can join her blog linky ( yes that’s a new one for us too! ) to help promote awareness and understanding.