Fade the grey



What an opportunity!


 I have been invited to be a guest speaker at Naidex this year. Naidex is the premier healthcare exhibition held over 3 days April 28th -30th at the NEC visited by trade, professionals and the general public.


So no pressure there- but an amazing chance to discuss my favourite subject and maybe -just maybe - a chance to make a difference.


Design standards in the Healthcare industry.


Those of you who know me will perhaps have noticed that it is my passion to try and improve standards of presentation, product and design within the sometimes rather dated and bleak looking healthcare industry.


A bit less Grey and a little more effort in design would go a long way. Have you had experience of having to settle for products that make your heart sink because although fit for purpose - just look awful?


Hoists, splints, orthotic boots, wheelchairs, bathroom fittings, do they all sit comfortably and seamlessly in your home?


As I am fortunate to be in the position of having a reliable army of very experienced families across a very wide range of disabilities to support my debate PLEASE take the chance of having your say so I can represent your opinion and experiences accurately.  


This is your chance to tell the industry your opinion of the standards of Design and the overall appearance of  the Healthcare Industry - we have compiled a  simple and quick 8 question survey to make sure your views are represented when I give my presentation in April.


As I plan to put the Healthcare industry on the naughty step with constructive criticism on why it could try harder to look more in line with the rest of the high street both on and off line- I am looking for your back up to present my case.



 We appreciate your time is precious but this is something that in time will have a big impact on inclusion - living with disability is challenging enough, why should the equipment you need look clinical and depressing?

If you want to Fade the GREY then have your say!



Click on this link to complete your

#fadethegrey   survey