Fleecey Feedback

“I have ordered the wrong size in your new back fastening fleece can you help?”

“That’s not a problem we will exchange it for you if you return it with a brief explanation of what you need.”

This is a typical of conversation’s  I have at Rackety’s

The customer then went on to say:

I can’t believe how lovely the fleeces are, my step granddaughter has never had a fleece before because they are so difficult to get on and we are thrilled to bits with this one. She is due to go on an outward bound course soon and it will be ideal. We plan to buy a few more because they will be so useful, we love the colour of this one and there are loads to choose from.

So even though it was not the right size and they had not yet had the use of it, the family were delighted to have found a garment that they could tell would be a great help for their 24 year old daughter– what a great reaction!