Have you got time for a chat?

Rackety’s has been trading for 12 years this April, and like most businesses we have had some great highs and terrible lows along the way.

The very first order that we bought; I had no idea how much space it would take up, how many boxes there would be or even where I was going to put it!

By chance we rang a number in the yellow pages to collect the goods and explaining my dilemma of the uncertainty as to how big the consignment was, I was kindly offered some space in their warehouse. This informal arrangement (free warehousing) lasted for almost four years.

I also had no idea which of my designs would be popular and which would be a complete calamity! I got a lot wrong-there was a lot to learn.

The most unexpected high of all was and continues to be meeting so many fantastic families and making some lovely new friends in the “parallel universe” of disability. Your feedback and support has guided and inspired me through the good times and kept me focused through a few dark days.

We always try to stay ahead of our time and as the industry is going through a lot of changes, once more, we are turning to our greatest source of information- that’s you -for some vital feedback on our future plans.

So if you can spare me some time ( around 10 -20 minutes ) for either a pre booked phone call at a convenient time or even a home visit if you live near Leek, please let me know.

There are some important changes we are planning to make and we need to make sure we get it right. Only by talking to parents, carers or family with hands on experience can we continue to make Rackety’s an exciting and helpful business hopefully with plenty more highs to enjoy..

So if you think you can contribute your time and feedback to our forward plans- send me an e-mail annabel@racketys.com  or give me a call on 01538 361152.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.