How Rackety’s helps one Foster Mother.

We were sitting in the office grappling with the usual headaches that any business has to deal with when a lovely lady popped in.

Within a few delightful minuets she reminded us why we are here and the reasons that Rackety’s continue to do what we do!

The customer is both a Mother of a disabled child and a foster Mother to countless other children some of whom also have disabilities. This is what she said.

“ The vests are just ideal, we come back for more because they work for all seasons, great as an extra layer in the winter and ideal as a t-shirt in the summer. They stop hands from getting where they shouldn’t all year round, especially when we are in a public situation.My son Mathew gets eczema and the soft cotton is perfect.”

So thank you Amanda for explaining how Rackety’s has helped you with your extended family, and inspiring us to continue with our mission to help more families.