How does Rackety’s help with incontinence?

World Continence Week

Did you know that it is world continence week this week? Started to raise awareness of continence and related issues for the 200 million people across the world that are known to have incontinence. The figure is underestimated as it is recognised that so many people do not report the condition.

At Rackety’s we took a while to realise that continence lies at the heart of our business and is the reason that the majority of our products are needed. These days we tend to explain our existence by simply saying “we do poo” by way of diluting the taboo nature of the subject and discussing it with families in the language of a family and not the language of the medics.

Incontinence is a big issue for many of Rackety’s customers and we are aware that our garments offer varying degrees of comfort in overcoming the problems faced by our customers. From minor improvement to completely major transformations, our vests and pyjamas have contributed towards helping with this messy problem.

We are not medical experts but have gradually become very knowledgeable about the dressing requirements of our customers and the reasons behind them, so we hope that in a small way we are able to contribute to the awareness this week and of course the rest of the time too.