Nappies /Pads – Do you have a problem with supply?

Would this help?

We have long been aware that the majority of our customers are life long users of nappies /pads. The last survey we did showed that over 90% of those asked were incontinent, and we think this is a reasonable estimation of our entire customer base.

A few years back I got an email out of the blue from a young soldier in Camp Bastion Afghanistan, asking for my advice as he was planning his next move when he finished with his Army career. As it turned out we have kept in touch and the young ex-soldier has followed his plan to create an online business supplying a wide range of incontinence products, specialising in filling the gaps when local authorities do not supply either enough , the right fit , or the right quality of nappy/pads for the individuals and families that need them.

You only have to ask and most families have either had a battle , are having a battle or have given up the battle with their local authority to get an adequate supply of the nappies/pads that are most suited to their needs. So from one  unlikely battle field to another we have created a link up.

From a rather unlikely background the young soldier has become our Nappy Guru, with an extensive knowledge of all the options and solutions to do with incontinence, and we have kept in close contact ever since that first unlikely e-mail.

This year we attended the Kids up North exhibition together with the simple thought that as busy time stretched parents, it MIGHT be helpful to find the nappies/pads, incontinence products and the clothing that covers them all up and keeps everything in place on one website, instead of having to buy from separate places.

We have a brief 10 question survey asking for your opinion on this idea. Please let us know what you think as we depend on you to let us know how to make your lives just a bit simpler. Maybe your input can influence this unlikely partnership between Rackety’s and the ex-REME soldier.

It would also make a great ending to the story if the e-mail from the soldier in the desert turned into something that makes the lives of our customers just a little bit easier.

Click on this link to fill in the survey. Thanks!