What is the price for peace of mind?


It’s quite busy at this time of year and easy to get stressed out about keeping the orders flowing, in the middle of all the hustle I get a phone call which ran just like this:

“Hello do you remember me, my name is Samantha and we bought some pyjamas from you a few years ago, my son has just had a growth spurt so we would like to buy 6 pairs of the size 13-14y.

We won’t have spoken for a while because the last time we bought them I needed the size 7-8 years and they have simply lasted forever, the quality is so good, we even washed them at 60 degrees regularly and they have survived.

We also love the pyjamas because our son feels the cold desperately he can be shivering on a summers day, we pop a pair of socks on underneath the PJ’s and know that they will still be on the next morning. Nobody else understands why these little things make such a difference to us. So we don’t have to worry about him getting into his nappies or find him shivering with cold – they are multi-tasking for us and we love them.”

We also bought some of your neck squares as his medication causes him to have excess saliva, these have lasted exceptionally well too, we don’t mind paying when they last so well.

I look forward to speaking to you again in a few years’ time!”