How has Rackety's Teddy gone Political?

We have always been rather fond of  Rackety’s Teddy and Dolly, that were originally created not long after we started the business ten years ago.

This week we were contacted by a wonderful charity in British Columbia Canada who bought  all of the remaining stock of the Teddies. Intrigued to find out what our Teddies would be doing in Canada, we asked them to tell us their plans.

“ We thought the Teddies represent everything needed to illustrate children and disability and we plan to use them as gifts for our high end donors as well as using them to help with our Political Campaigning to support Disabled children.” 

So they plan to send our Teddies out to politicians – let’s hope they create an impact, and do an awesome job! How exciting to think they may play a small part in helping to make changes and improvements for families across the pond. I'm off to pack up the Teddies passports now!