Racking all over the world!

In January Rackety’s sent orders out to twelve different countries around the world.

It really is not long ago that I started thinking about making clothing for children with disabilities. Back in 2001, when trying to research the market, I remember we had to go down to the local library to hire the internet for an hour at a time. Do you remember that funny buzzing noise as you waited to log on!

The internet has made it possible to reach out to the unique community that we are so proud and privileged to be a part of. Who would have thought the community would spread so far and wide in such a short space of time.

What a difference a decade has made to the voice of families who live with disabilities all over the world. Linking up on the web, however you prefer to do it, on facebook, pinterest, by amazon ebay, instagram snapchat or simply surfing the internet. A whole new language, new ways of connecting, and all so immediate, if you don’t have a teenager to help you keep up it’s a complete whirl!

So as we pack off the Rackety’s vests to families around the world, I have to pinch myself when we stop and think about what has happened in such a short space of time. It makes you wonder how life is going to change for families who have additional needs over the next decade.