Proud to be working on Rehabilitation garments for wounded soldiers.

For the past three years, Rackety's has been working on a secret mission.

Headly Court in Surrey is the Ministry of Defence ( MOD ) main rehabilitation centre for the returning wounded, and it was after a visit to see if any of our products were suitable ( which they weren’t! ) we discovered that other areas of specialised clothing were needed and that led to a highly specialised research and development project.

You get used to acronyms very quickly when working with the MOD. We started off working with the DSTL and are now working with the CDE!

By talking to the soldiers we realised there was a need to develop a trouser that can be worn over the top of an external fixator frame, used to hold shattered bones in place during months of re- alignment and recovery. The garments were named ‘Richmond trousers’ after Colonel David Richmond who helped with their early development. David spent four and a half years in rehabilitation at DMRC Headley Court after sustaining a gunshot wound to his leg while on operations. For two of those years, he wore an external fixator to aid in the repair of the damaged bone. He agreed to help Rackety’s to develop the trousers which could be worn over the fixator – previously, like others in his position, he had to rely on making modifications to existing trousers or wearing shorts, none of which were entirely satisfactory or practical. 

The metal frames are connected directly to the leg, so as well taking a lot of getting used to just to get around, the leg is super sensitive to hot and cold temperatures as the metal acts as a conductor straight into the bone. There is also a high risk of infection to the points where the fixators are attached.

To create a trouser that helped overcome these conditions was just the type of challenge we relish, and realising it was complex we teamed up with Coventry University HDTI and Fashion department to come up with the best solution.

Rackety’s Richmond trousers have been developed and trailed successfully and we are now moving on to the next stage of taking the trousers to market. So watch out for more news of this exciting project in the future.