When does a vest become a superhero?

It’s a humble undergarment that does not give us much to cause for thought - a vest.

Hidden away underneath the clothes we present to the world, vests are not really foremost in most people’s minds, useful, comfortable at most a decorative flash, or a utilitarian essential.

This week I have been reminded that Rackety’s vests are far from being humble garments. Alongside their regular use of keeping warm and comfortable, they really do have superpowers.

Lynda Hall, a customer from Wrexham, rang me back to order some more vests. While we placed the order she explained that they have discovered putting on a pair of tights underneath one of Rackety’s adult Toby popper vests, has stopped her Mother from smearing the contents of her pads everywhere. Not only had the horrible problem been solved, but it has actually prevented her from being moved out of the care home she is settled in, to a strange and different new home – which they were dreading.

Lynda was thrilled that she does not have to unsettle her Mother or move her to a different home which would have been completely unsuited to the rest of her needs. This is a dramatic example of a humble vest saving the day- not really a super power- but not far off.

Lynda went on to say they were also pleased with the vests because they help her retain her dignity, as she has no idea what she is doing when smearing, and they enable her to continue wearing her regular clothes ,so she looks the same as before.

An hour later I had a call from Barbara Wilson from Northumberland, again coming back for more vests. “My daughter is so happy with her Joey vests because she has discovered that they cover up her stoma bag, and it does not show at all. She is also thrilled as her back is kept lovely and warm , the stoma bag can’t be knocked by accident, and when she needs to access the bag it is really easy to un-pop the buttons to get in.”

We had never even realised the vest could be used for this purpose, and felt this elevated the humble vest to superhero status, once again.

Superhero’s with superpowers or just a humble vest?

You decide.