The “N” word!

 Do we need a new word for Nappies? 

There is a bit of a debate going on just now about the use of the language used to describe nappy’s or pad for people who need to use them at different stages of their life.

It has been suggested that people who find they need to use nappies when they are older are horrified by the word nappy and feel more comfortable with the word pad. Also that lifelong  nappy users are less sensitive on the subject having had more time to get used to the situation.

Thinking about this I wondered if it was possible to come up with a completely new word that was acceptable as a generic term for older children, young adults and older users.

 Maybe you could try an Aussie inspired word like “sannies” or  “undygrundy”, or perhaps we could decide to get our own back on Jeremy Paxman in light of his recent derogatory remarks about older people and incontinence we could call them “Paxies”.

 Could there be a text speak version of NP:YS or P.DS?

 Language does evolve and it would be a good idea to come up with a name that is neutral and acceptable for everyone, looking at the various brands used in the past for inspiration, I have to confess my favourite so far is Bumgenious!


Let me know if you think we need a new word and if so what would you choose?

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