Toby vests

It’s always exciting to add a new product for our customers.

We spend a lot of time developing and testing the shape and the style to try and make sure that it will do the job for which it is intended as well as possible.

We aim to create products that will work for a wide range of highly individual customers with very specific requirements. It’s a tall order, our customers are generally either quite a bit smaller or larger than “regular” sizing, on top of that and we have to consider tubes pads and behavioural patterns.

We have only just launched a small trial of the new snugger fitting, shorty leg Toby vest and already we have been asked to:

“Move the position of the tubes access down”

“Make the legs longer”

“Add in more colours”

“Do adult sizes”

“Why didn’t we do this 10 years ago!” (Truthful answer- we had no idea the vests were such an important product then)

It’s great to see that our customers expect more, they have been starved of choice for far too long and have every right to want a better selection of products for their family. As a passionate advocate of improved standards of design within the healthcare industry (more of this later) I agree that more is needed, however I do have to balance more choice with quality, availability and performance, all of which are equally important!

The new vests have also been complimented

“ great fabric  I love it because it is so soft and stretchy “

“ The difference is remarkable, now that she has to ask to go to the toilet, the problem we had of her getting her hands in has been greatly reduced “

“These are just the job for the summer, she really pulls at her clothes and these look far more comfortable “

“They are lovely fit really nice .and wash good .don't know what we would do without rackety clothing .thank you xxx”

“We use all of Rackety’s vests but this is now our favourite”

How wonderful to be sent kisses – we have to continue to work hard to get this right as we know exactly how important they are for you.