Why would you put a loo in the front window?

I am in the mood for a rant today; my favourite subject is the poor standard of design in the healthcare industry. Thank goodness there has been a massive improvement over the past decade and things are improving all the time. The expensive items such as wheelchairs, fully inclusive or adapted kitchens and bathrooms have improved beyond recognition; however there are a huge proportion of healthcare products still stuck in the 50’s with the visual appeal suited to the worst old peoples home.

It is such a shame that the shop window of the industry the UK mobility stores continue to present such a dismal face to the world. With a very few notable exceptions, the majority of mobility stores are gloomy- depressing- out of date-badly set out-cluttered-dull, dare I say it smelly places that you visit because you have to, not because you want to.

It is no wonder young families who find themselves thrown into the world of disability prefer to shop online; children do not belong in the gloomy world of these old fashioned stores. Today’s customers young and old are used to much higher standards are presentation when they shop so how come the mobility stores remain so dated?

Toilets in the front window, clunky ugly white plastic grab rails, and clothing in plastic bags hung up so you can’t see what they look like, I could go on, but anyone who has visited a store will know what I mean.

I recently found this picture of a prize winning shop window display in America, an imaginative display of urinals! At least they have tried to be a bit creative and different!

 I am looking forward to the time that everyone will walk into a mobility store because they have become more inclusive in design and look so inviting that everyone wants to have a look inside. It will happen one day but I fear it is a long way off.

Rant over-  let me know what you think?