It has been a stressful few weeks; we have been making lots of changes here at Rackety's. New website, new products and new systems for everything we do.

As is often the case with so many changes, it has been hard work and we have had a few disasters along the way! It would of course be the same week that my laptop packs up and I lose my contacts, and my diary!

Despite the dramas we have completed the transitions and hope that you will enjoy our new look and the new products.

In the middle of all the stressing away about getting the website and new products sorted out, I rang up my friend, who's daughter is going to hospital for yet another gruling operation to insert rods in her back as she has Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

 It was a humbling quick reminder to keep life in perspective and remember that our customers stresses  are often in a completely different league.