What a dis-assss-ter darling!

It’s that time of year when all of a sudden you are putting away the Christmas decorations and a strange urge takes over- the next thing you know you are clearing out the cupboards –the fridge – the shed and anything that moves.

So carried away was I this year  by the wave of enthusiam I even managed to clear out ALL of my e-mails from last year by mistake- mega woops.  A panic stricken visit to local computer specialist, embarrassed confessions and much derision for being so stupid from my family ensued.

Most Mums spend their life going through each day multitasking – juggling – forgetting something important and making a few good honest mistakes! Lets hope this CORKER of a mistake will complete my ration for a while and is not an omen for the year to come!

Maybe we can start again with some handy tips for keeping Mum’s organised- why not send in your favourite!