A reminder why Rackety's are so helpful?

It is very easy to get wrapped up in the mechanics of running any business, struggling with the IT, chasing the suppliers, finding enough time to do the social media, remembering to have the bookwork complete in time, the list goes on……………………

The best bit BY FAR is when we come out and attend a show and our regular customers drop by to say hello. In amongst the busy hustle and bustle of the stand  at Kids Up North last week a young Yummy Mummy appeared next to me.

“Are you Rackety’s?” she said “You saved my life” and suddenly from nowhere she became totally choked with emotion and tears. We had a warm hug as she expressed her surprise at what had just happened.

There was no need to ask what her story was, or how her Rackety’s had made such a difference to her life because we know that when they do work they are life changing in certain circumstances.

It was a vivid reminder of the reason we are so passionate about our business, we don’t just make and sell clothes we help to overcome serious problems that improve the quality of life for thousands of adults ,children and families around the world.

The show must go on and the moment passed, but as the Mum composed herself and disappeared into the crowd, I realised I forgot to ask her name, but I will never forget the reaction or that very special moment.