How do you hide a nappy on an older child?

It’s a sad fact that as well as being wonderful, children can be cruel. Today we had a Mum pop in to buy some vests for her son who is on the Autistic spectrum.

He goes to the local main steam school and is past the age when all his classmates have stopped wearing nappies. Apart from his being the only person in his class who does wear nappies he also has a habit of putting his hands in his pants.

This combination is one of the most common reasons that parents come to us for help.

Our vests can really help to keep the nappies tucked in, hidden from view, and reduce the habit of “hands where they shouldn’t be” in class.

We cannot guarantee it will work as our customers are so individual, but we do know that the success rate is high because so many of them come back regularly for more and tell us what a difference it makes.