Iris Grace

The first time I saw the paintings created by Iris Grace, I was struck with the astonishing use of colours as well as the delicate and intricate construction of each piece. It is very hard to believe that they have been created by a little girl who is only 5 years old, but not at all hard to understand the wave of support and recognition for her talent that has swept around the globe.

No wonder her proud Mummy was taken by surprise at her daughter’s gift for painting, originally started as part of her therapy to encourage Iris to express herself after she was diagnosed with Autism.

Being a visual person I love the effect of seeing rows of her paintings joined together as they are displayed on her website, and the beautiful video that captures the innocence and ethereal quality of Iris so sensitively. Who knows what lies ahead for this ultra-talented little girl, but what a wonderful way to inspire and encourage anyone to enjoy painting and music and art.

Check out “Iris - A Portrait of an Artist” by Rupert Ward-Lewis on Vimeo.

Iris - A Portrait of an Artist from Rupert Ward-Lewis on Vimeo.