Its good to talk!

Throughout September I have been ringing up our customers just to make contact and check how we are doing as a business.

The downside of having everything automated via the internet is that we lose the daily feedback of speaking to our customers that we used to enjoy. Keeping our finger on the pulse of what is happening with our customer’s daily lives. The results of my phone calls were very encouraging.

This is the main question asked:

How did you get on with your Rackey’s clothing, and how do you find the quality?

First of all everybody I rang out of the blue was kind enough to spend time talking to me, a good start when out of the blue calls make most people want to scream and bang the phone down. Secondly the feedback was detailed warm and effusive.

I really enjoy talking to our customers; it is how I have learnt so much about the specialised requirements of families with specialised and different dressing needs.

The overall consensus was that our quality was excellent, standing up to above average laundering well, and lasting longer than expected. ( tick )

Some families reported that their needs had now changed they no longer needed  them because the vests had helped them through or train their child out of a particularly difficult phase of having their hands in their nappies  ( result!)

80 % of those we spoke to used the words brilliant ,great ,happy, excellent , perfect or said they couldn’t live with without or would be lost without  Rackety’s.  ( wow! )

Its early days I am still close to the top of our list, but what an encouraging start , we also have gained a detailed insight into some of the items you would like us to develop for the future- always a popular subject.

We are aware that the position of Gastro tubes is a key requirement for many of our customers and are collating a log of possible improvements, also that a degree of shrinkage in the fabric is an issue for some ( but not all ) of our customers – both challenges we are working on. Maybe that having a range of slim fit and wide fit may be helpful in the future - it’s clear that we have plenty more improvements to make.

So if you get a phone call out of the blue, I hope you won’t mind taking some time to have a quick chat so we can continue with the really helpful work that we do - we can’t do it without your help!

This is some feedback we received after on of my calls.

I can forgive anyone spelling Rackety’s wrong when they send me e-mails like this!

Hello Rackettys!


Just getting in touch to let you know how delighted we are with the popper vests we purchased for our daughter,they really are a life changing product!

They look pretty,fit properly and laundering them easy_great news in our home! The service is very personal and prompt,we would highly recommend this product to any one needing peace of mind when managing a child's continence needs.


Thank you Rackettys!


Julie and Amy,,East Sussex