I understand that inclusion is a hot topic right now and not before time. One of the things I have learnt the hard way is that it is frighteningly easy to say the wrong thing, use the wrong language and cause genuine upset within the community of families who live with additional needs / difference /disability.

Each of those words may or may not trigger offence; everyone is different with how they feel about it and if they are sensitive to “being labelled”.

 Thankfully the language used to discuss the wide variety of difference is evolving and has moved on considerably in the past few years. The basics of not labelling a person with their condition and not using “suffering” quite so often are gradually becoming the norm as awareness increases.

Not trying to avoid the issue we have come up with #racketysway –as a short cut to label anything to do with Rackety’s and our wonderful community of parents families professionals carers and anyone interested in our world. We hope you like it.