Ridiculous Disability Policy

Paperwork to wear a popper vest! 

I was speaking to a Customer and experienced “system fighter” this week –she said something that I sadly often hear but expressed it particularly well.

“ It isn’t a problem looking after my son who is now 18 but has the mental capacity of a baby- that is the easy bit- the problem is always dealing with all of the people that are meant to be helping me”

Time and again I hear this familiar story about families having to “fight” for everything they need to help them look after their family- it’s just so exhausting and seemingly so uncoordinated.

This week I have also come across the most extraordinary requirement in the name of disability policy so far – a contact on facebook sent this post

DHS disability department have some of the most ridiculous policies!

 I should not have to have paperwork filled monthly simply so Sj can wear a bodysuit under her clothing.

In Australia, for some reason I would love to find out more about, this Mum has to fill out a form each month so her daughter can wear a popper vest? Can anyone explain this, or come up with a possible practical reason why it should be noteworthy? Maybe I am missing something – but this does seem to be the most extraordinary policy I have come across so far.

It’s so worrying that common sense and simplicity has been railroaded by “political correctness, health and safety and worst still fear of litigation”

Can you come up with a better example of unnecessary disability policy making?