Can we send our Disabled Clothing Overseas?

The answer is yes of course.

However we do sometimes suffer at the mercy of local delivery services. On the  24th of April we posted a package containing 13 long sleeved vests off to a customer in South Africa. I have to confess we made a genuine error as we had been requested to send the package by courier not by regular mail. We had posted them by mistake despite being warned that the South African Post service was not to be relied on.

The customer was understandably in contact and we were all upset as her little boy was unwell and we knew how much the vests were needed as the South African winter had arrived. To make it worse we had no more garments due to be made to replace the missing items as we were out of sync with their season.

We were all astonished not to mention relieved today when we got an e-mail to say that fingers crossed the missing package may have been found! A tense half hour followed and finally we discovered that they had indeed appeared exactly one month later on 28th May.

Sometimes it does take a little longer, occasionally our packages have travelled further around the world than intended but I am happy to report that overall only a very tiny percent of our packages disappear forever.

So far we have sent Rackety’s clothing to over 30 different countries around the world, and we are growing the list all of the time. This morning we had a phone order from a customer in Australia, its so normal now we don’t stop to think how amazing it really is!