5 Tips on How to Dress the people you care for to stay warm and comfortable in the cold.

  1. Layers each layer you add will trap more air in between, the more layers of air you have the warmer you the effect.

  2. Natural fibres work , 100% cotton or 100% wool are more comfortable and tend to allow your skin to breath better.

  3. Head hands and feet loose heat the quickest. Using Hats ,gloves or hand warmers and extra socks / warm slippers  will all have a significant effect on keeping anyone warm.

  4. Avoid Sweat. Make sure the person you care for doesn’t sweat if they get too warm. They will sweat. This is very bad. If you sweat, you get wet. If you get wet, you get cold.

    How do you avoid sweating? Make sure you peel off your layers as you start to get warm. A very fast way to cool off is to open up their jacket. Another is to take off their hat.

  5. Stay hydrated. - Hydration is critical in winter weather. When the body gets dehydrated cold sets in more easily. Skin becomes dried out from heating and cold temps more so than in summer.