Super Parents Super Powers.

I popped in to see my friend last week, as a Mum of two beautiful daughters; she falls firmly into the category of Super Parent with Super Powers.

This week’s SuperPower number one was her ability to smile through gritted teeth and manage not to thump the lady in the Orthotic department.

Having waited a month for the appointment, been sent threatening letters saying that if you were late for the appointment you would be bumped out of the clinic. Knowing this to be no idle threat as it had indeed happened last time she attended the same clinic and was 6 minutes late due to the fact there were no “disabled” parking spaces available.

Having received the text that morning to remind her of the appointment, and taken her daughter out of school for the afternoon, she set off with her Mum for whom she is also the carer, on the 45 minuet ( on a good day without traffic) journey.

Arriving on time for the appointment, my friend was ushered into a side room with an unfamiliar face, to be told that they were terribly sorry she had been double booked, a quick scan of the desk and the room raising alarm bells as there was no sign of the required pink piece of equipment vitally required to prevent her daughter’s thumb from twisting towards her wrist. As she was being guided towards the exit Superpower two emerged:

Her ability to stay calm and be assertive while she requested politely to see her regular orthotics lady. Fortunately this worked and flustered looking orthotics lady duly appeared, explaining that not only had the equipment not arrived but they had JUST FOUND OUT that it wasn’t going to work anyway. ( SuperPower three was supressing the thought that JUST FOUND OUT probably was around the same time that today’s reminder text had arrived and she was in fact telling porkies.)

I asked my friend what would happen if the superpowers were not in place on these occasions and the answer was simple- If I let my true feelings escape I would be arrested for abusive behaviour and how can I look after my daughter and my Mum if I did that?

Three SuperPowers in the space of an hour- pretty good.

Why don’t you tell us about your Super Parent SuperPowers? We know you have them. Think about it and let them out!

My Super Parent Super Power is my ability to……………………………………………………...


PS . A few days later same Mum discovered there was a clinic available in her local hospital that no one had thought to put her in contact with that would have saved the hour and a half journey, the petrol , and perhaps the trauma of attending the other clinic.