Who made your clothes?


I am very interested in the Global Fashion Revolution Day started by Carry Somers (who just happens to live locally to Rackety’s) as a reaction to the 1,133 people killed when the Rana Plaza factory complex that collapsed in Bangladesh.

The day is to encourage the public to think about who really makes their clothes and if the brands and retailers are treating their workers with respect and care.

At Rackety’s the respect and care is focused very much on our customers and their requirements, however as a brand that has an undoubted social impact, we consider this to be equally important consideration for our supply chain.

We have already made changes to ensure that Rackety’s clothing is produced to standards of ethics that match those of our brand and the ethical sourcing campaign, and will continue to investigate our supply chain further and let you know how we progress.

To learn more about Carry’s Fashion Revolution, click through here: