World Toilet Day 19th November.

1 in 3 people around the world do not have access to basic sanitation.

In recognition of this tomorrow is World toileting Day, created to raise awareness of sanitation challenges around the globe.

It’s strange how squeamish we all are about talking about going to the loo, after all we all do it.

Rackety’s customers predominantly have problems with toileting; for the majority of our customers going to loo can be very difficult, it may be they need hoists, specialised loos, someone to help them, or can’t manage it at all.

So while 2/3 of the world have no basic sanitation at all, we are here to help the ones who even when they do have sanitation, struggle to access it.

I have learnt never to underestimate the taboo associated with talking about children and adults who need to wear nappies, who develop the habit of smearing poo all over their rooms, who like the texture of poo and are drawn to play with it, who just do not realise it is not OK for the rest of us when they feel like putting their hands in their pants in public.

We have always tried to find a balance between keeping it real, recognising exactly what our customers problems are and offering a dignified commentary on a delicate subject.

So as we are asked to think about toilets around the globe today, and the scale at which basic sanitation is unavailable I am thinking about all Rackety’s customers, their daily challenges and how tiny little bits of recognition make the most normal process in the world become a bit less embarrassing and taboo.

It may sound strange to have a World Toileting Day but not when you stop and think about it.