Customer Comments

 " My husband suffered a serious back injury following a road accident, resulting in serious urinary incontinence. He knows he was lucky to survive the HGV crash that was not his fault , but he was mortified by the reality of having to wear adult nappies 24/7. However your popper vests & polo shirts have transformed his life, now he feels his nappy is far less obvious while out and about . Really cannot thank you enough"


"Just to say the order I placed arrived safe and sound.

It was a coat in two parts, which will be very usefully to get on and off my disabled brother.

We have tried the coat on him, and it will make dressing him to go out so much easier.

We will certainly be happy to use your company again,, and will certainly be recommending ,this coat that we have bought to others in the care home where John lives."

Regards and thanks Gillian Stevenson


"We have just revived the Aspen blue/pink fur lined boots. They are fantastic, easy to put on , my disabled daughter loves them, they fit great and are very warm. She keeps laughing and wiggling her feet to look at them. Great product thank you."

Dawn Leake Re Aspen Boots

“When I bought the Racketys popper t-shirts, my self esteem went through the roof as I was for so many years struggling with my confidence being severely incontinent. My parents helped me buy the t-shirts and they said it was nice to see me smiling more and less worrying. I thank you for such a great comfortable product which goes a long way to forget I am wearing adult nappies.

I am so happy your company exists as it is really difficult to explain what it has done for my quality of life. Thank you so much for the amazing stuff you do for adults because I know we are not forgotten once we have moved on from childhood and just want to have a normal as life as possible with independence.”

Luke re adult popper vests

"While I’m writing, I just wanted to say thank you for offering such great products. My son is 9-years old and is severely autistic - we keep him in bodysuits for warmth in winter but also to keep hands out all year around. Bodysuits are easy to find for babies and toddlers in Australia but not for older kids – it’s very refreshing to find websites like yours with such an understanding and empathetic approach to disabilities so thank you.
Margaret Byrne - New South Wales. Australia.

"I work at a special needs school in Kent, my daughter has had one of your coats from aged 13-18 it is so easy to put it on and take it off. I am always recommending Rackety's and say 'Get yourself off to Rackety's, they are more expensive but it is quality."
Kelly Walker

"Just a quick line to say thank you for exchanging the vests I ordered which were too big for the smaller size and thank you to Tom for his patience and help an excellent service."
Martina Davis

"It was pleasure to do business with you. Please pass on my compliments about the excellent customer service. I was impressed by the extra care and personal touch which is very rare in the modern, outsourced, 'call-centre' style business environment these days. Rackety's is a special service for special people."
Eva From Leeds

"He has had these from when he was little ( R43 popper vests ) they are brilliant because they stop him putting his hands down- this is my third order- I recommend you to everyone."
Jan Brotherton Essex

"The foot cover is really good, it fits around his wheelchair lovely-he goes out ready to take on the North Pole!”
Patricia Mills Rochdale.

"We are very very pleased with it-it washes wonderful, there's not a mark on it, it keeps its shape and colour and is still just as new."
Re Adult Super Warm Jacket

"Can I thank you for the leg cover because her legs get so very cold. We put it on and Oh my God it feels lovely, my daughter beamed when we tried it on."
Mrs Snow, Bristol,

Re Joey Vests: "They are wonderful; the Mother I work with says they are a life saver for her. Her son has a G-tube and he loves to pull at it. She was terrified to go and do the washing up, incase he pulled it out. Since using the Joey vests he still tries to get at the tube, but there is just enough in the way to stop him, and the Mum is “over the moon “ She feels he is tucked in, comfortable and safe now and she can relax a bit more."
Suzanna Brown Occupational Therapist

"These vests have been a godsend to us and I expect to any other parent/ carer who has a child who likes to be free of clothes ! They are comfortable, well made, easy care and look great."
Lizzie Darby

"Great products, they keep everything in place, my son has Downs Syndrome and everything goes south without them! A friend recommended them they are really great quality."
Julie Bricknall

"I am so grateful your company exists, we just can’t find these anywhere, I am ringing ( from Indiana USA ) to let you know that they arrived five days after we ordered them and we are delighted"
Diane Mihajlovavich

"Lovely- we love all your things!"
Sarah Kingdon

"Thank you for the speedy delivery, it was so quick I only ordered them yesterday"
Brenban Carey

"My daughter HATES wearing a bra, she fidgets all day in one, your pretty vests are great because she looks lovely in them, can wear them under a pretty dress or top and is so much more comfortable all day. She is Downs and Autistic, and the Autistic side is a big problem for her, comfort is paramount – it changes her behaviour the more comfortable she is. It is also so much easier for the staff at her day centre; we can access her pads easily in the vests too. They are amazing for all of us."
Wendy Mooney

Re: Zip back PJ’s They are brilliant because we’ve not had a problem since we used them, it saves us worrying that she has woken up at 5 in the morning and spent 2 hours distributing the contents of her nappy around the room.
Anne Ralph

“They are brilliant its so easy to access his gastronomy- I don’t have to get his trousers or his shoes off-when he is sitting down, you pop the two buttons and its just so easy. Anything that is easy is better for us!”
Mrs Mayo

"My son is Autistic, and your pajamas are a life saver, because he smears, it does not stop him completely but they do reduce the time before he finally gets in a mess and I don’t know how I would cope without them."
Farhana Hussain

"Once you have changed the bed from a larger child who got in her pants & has finger painted poo all over, you thank the Lord (& Rackety's) every time you snap the onesie (vests) in place. I thank Rackety's daily for making quality clothing that really makes our lives easier on a daily basis. I thought it would be a big deal to order internationally, but it was amazingly easy!

My daughter's bathroom is her bed, so the snap bottom PJ's make it a ton easier to change a nearly 70 lb child!

My girl has to wear a tucked in white colored top to school. Keeping it tucked in took divine intervention until we ordered the polo shirt vests! I'm amazed at how clothing blesses my life every single day. Thank you for doing what I couldn't do myself. I tried to make these or have them made, but they always came apart or didn't hold up. The quality adds to their benefits!"
Allison Moore (mother of Abby age 9 chromosome 18q-mosaic)

"That has to be the most phenomenal delivery speed ever! Ordered Thursday pm and parcel had arrived by 11am Friday. Thank you."
Janet Simms

"These vests are fantastic for any parent/carer who has a challenging child who is prone to undress at inappropriate times. A life saver!"
Lizzie Darby Autism/angelman's syndrome

"They wash and wear so well, they are brilliant, I need some more"
Olivia Holohan (Joey vests)

"The service was Brilliant exactly what we were looking for, the goods arrives in a few days it was fantastic."

"Hi Annabel, You may of course use my comments. Your customer care is excellent. I have given your details to the Principal of the Special Needs School where my granson Tadgh attends. Thanks again"
Nancy Murphy

"Thomas is doubly incontinent and the Rackety’s zip back pajamas save all the washing and changing of the bed we had when he wore normal pajamas and his pads used to fall out and the mess was everywhere. Its saved all that mither for us."
Mrs Knott

"Its done really we its lasted three years and has been regularly washed because he wets it constanty, the main thing is he is so comfortable in it, I want another one please."
Mrs Mitchel Re Adult Jackets

"I think it is my favourite thing that you have ever made we have two homes and use them all the time."
Sue Price Re snuggle-ups

"Its like sitting in a deckchair being in a wheelchair in this weather and they get frozen. Your jackets have really helped to keep my children warm, and they look so nice and grown up, my daughter loves it."
Jenny Miller

"Its such a simple design, as my daughter gets bigger everything gets harder, but theses help to get at her button without having to undo everything!"
Fiona Ferguson Re Joey Vests

"They are a godsend, you can get at his tube so easily , it keeps his back covered , his clothes and his nappy in place."
Mrs Hicks Re Joeys

"He looks so snug in it but I was worried that he may not be warm enough, I could tell when I he came home from school and took it off he was lovely and warm, i.m ringing for another one so I can have one to wear and one in the wash."
Mrs French Re Top To Toe

"We tried the leg bag yesterday for the first time. It was great!!! We had lots of comments from people about it. I must say that the leg bags/snugs and leg covers are fantastic quality and are going to be used very frequently. Thanks."
Claire Goodbody Re superwarm leg cover

"My coat is wearing out now but we have had it for four years they are very good value- it’s been through the wash an awful lot, I’ve been so pleased with it I’ve come back for another one."
Mrs Drinkhall

"The pretty vests have been lovely-you need pretty things that are fashionable girls, even though my daughter does not know it is important to me as her Mum"
Sue Mulqueen

"Anyone who has a tube MUST have these vests they are brilliant-it keeps his hands off his (gastrostomy) tube , and stops it catching on anything"
Mrs Alison Benson

"Our Daughter has a severe scoliosis multiple myatonic dystrophy and CP. We long ago accepted that her needs were always going to be different from most people as she spends the majority of her life lying face down on a full length chair. She has a wonderful full time carer who has become part of the family. Discovering Rackety’s was Brilliant because it makes the whole process of dressing her much easier and much better. The vests are terrific because they stop the plastic coming in contact with her skin and causing unpleasant sores, keeping her more comfortable every day. They also greatly assist our carer as it simplifies the whole dressing and undressing procedure. We also like the material because it washes so well. We are big fans of yours."
Mr Stephen Hewitt, Nottingham

"They are absolutely brilliant because the nappies stay in place they are a godsend I don’t know what id do without them. My twins are autistic, before we found your vests and PJ’s and they both escape from everything else we put them in which meant we had to keep waking up all through the night."
Mrs Karen Green

"My son is Autistic, and your pajamas are a life saver, because he smears, it does not stop him completely but they do reduce the time before he finally gets in a mess and I don’t know how I would cope without them."
Farhana Hussain, Depford

"Great Clothes and wash well. The coats make life so easy I have and use both, the all in one is great in this bad weather we have no wet trousers or blankets anymore."
Ann Perrins, Walsall

"Please send me a load more catalogues, everyone is fighting over mine"
Debbra Allen Catterick

"We like trendy"
Headteacher, Cavendish School Runcorn

"This catalogue has been a lifesaver for me, I’ve searched everywhere for vests"
Mrs Jillian Barrack, Northumberland

"The coats make life so easy"
Ann Harriman Walsall

"The coat we purchased was wonderful, the workmanship excellent and the coat goes on so easy!"
Sharon McNamara, New York

"My child has severe physical disabilities and many special needs - but most of all she needs to look and feel gorgeous, with Rackety's I can dress her to look and feel part of the gang!"
Jackie Griffiths, Staffordshire

"Thank you so much for the quick delivery of Livvys coat, it is lovely, i cant believe how easier it is making life already. It wonderful and really good quality. The coat has made life so much easier for both Livvy and I. Less time fussing more time playing."
Sara Meredith, Walsall

"Thanks for providing such a fantastic service"
Kate Evans Cranwell

"I purchased the all in one vests and am delighted with them."
Mandy Mullett, Hythe

"I am really pleased with the stuff, I love it, when my daughter looks nice people realise she is important to us."
Mrs Pasdari Sale, Cheshire

"What you do is absolutely vital - a godsend"
Mrs Scivier, St Albans

"I was delighted to find your site! I am the Special Needs Advisory Nurse in this area, and would like to pass on info about your products to the families I work with. Keep up the good work!"
Mimi Scott, Southend on Sea

"Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service I received .I placed the order yesterday  and it arrived before 9.00 today."
Mr T Davis

"I have received the catalogue. Thanks very much. Initial impression - it's fantastic, I'll definitely be placing an order.  It's wonderful to finally see someone catering for children AND I love your range."
Tracey Cornick, Bury

"Just wanted to pass over my congratulations to you and your team. As a support worker who has worked with children with special needs for over 8 years it really warms my heart to see people actually helping parents and carers. Every day is a fight for these children and you are making it that little bit easier. Well done! Keep up the good work. I have had a few orders from yourselves and everything has been spot on!"
Leanne Kendrick, Merseyside

"The cape [Snuggle Up] is brilliant; I use it every time she goes to hospital"
Mrs Lewis, Bristol.  Aug 07

"We used to struggle on the bed but now I can just get straight into his tubes when he’s sitting up."
Mrs A Garland, Bushey, on the new Joey vests.  July 07

Re R43 vests :
"These have been a godsend for Ally... he went through a phase of smearing and your vests were a godsend in stopping him."
Mrs El Taweel, Argyll, July 07

Re Snuggle Ups:
"I find it such an amazing piece of kit"
Mrs Price, Northumberland

"What is so nice is to see things that are attractive; attractive colours; attractive designs – they don’t shout disability"
Julie Ormien, Lincs

"Charlie loves her pajamas; she broke her leg and she was still able to get them on over the plaster and feel comfy.  My nurses said ‘Wow’!"
Mrs Carlyle, Oakham

"It’s a godsend I’ve found your website"
Mrs Haden, Walsall W Mids/p>

"I just want to say that your snuggles are a brilliant idea, they take 5 minutes off everything when we are getting ready for school, and are so much easier for us than a coat because of all the straps on the wheelchair." 
Mrs Daniels Foster mum, Northants

"I would also like to say how great your company is and how great your staff have been"
Mrs Daniels, Stoke on Trent

"Just a wee note to say THANKS so much for our prompt, super quick delivery! Everything we ordered is fantastic!! Ayesha looks lovely and comfy in her jacket.  It's really soft and lightweight.  Hurrah! for the extra large bibs too, less washing for me...WOOHOO!!! Thanks again...we shall return! And tell ALL of your great service and merchandising range.   10/10!!"
Mrs Chappel, Paisley

"We love Rackety’s.  They’ve saved our lives"
Linda Neil

"A really nice company…..  The goods came promptly – I would definitely shop with them again."
Mrs Baker

"I have a special needs daughter, and we have bought some clothing items from you in the past, and we love your products. They are very good quality!  Thank you for taking good care of our special children!"
C Willoughby, Kansas USA

"I couldn’t believe it when I saw these – save me no end of trouble.  I’ve been buying vests and adding poppers"
Mrs Chattell, Northants, May 08

"The coat’s been washed and tumble dried; it’s really brilliant"
Mrs Talbot, Stoke

"If I don’t find a car today, I’m happy because I’ve found Rackety’s"
Mrs Wotherspoon of Falkirk, Mobility Roadshow in Edinburgh.

"Brilliant-best things ever"
Mrs Jackeline Challis

"Dear Annabelle, Just wanted to say a huge thank you for making the adaptations to the Leg Warmer for Laura's wheelchair. It fits great. I am sooooo very pleased! Best wishes"
Kate, 15 Feb 09

"This is the third time I have bought from you and I am just ringing to say I am so happy with your prices and quality I am telling all my friends and recommending your website."
Mrs Messiaen, Hackney May 09

"Hi Annabelle,  Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the zip back pyjamas. My son is autistic and has just mastered the art of poo smearing and after a long trawl on the internet I found that your suits were the only ones available that were already made up and as they looked so nice I ordered two in 3 -5 years. Zachary is quite a small 3 year old but I thought it would be OK. They arrived yesterday and I was in tears because although the design looked perfect, they looked big enough for my 8 year old son. I called you yesterday and you very kindly helped me and suggested that I measure them on him.  Well......unless I had been there I would never had believed it - they fit just fine.  I have turned up the cuffs on the arms and legs but other than that they are perfect.  I am so surprised because they really did look so big. He wore them last night and it worked a treat.  He was not too hot either.  The thing I like the most is that they do not look like specialist clothing at all - in fact this morning Zachary was playing his guitar and said he was pretending to be a rock star because of the star on the PJ's! Many thanks to you - it is surprising how difficult they were to get but they are just right for the job. Kind regards." 
Lisa Green

RE popper vests:
"They’re Brilliant, I can’t find anything better anywhere else"
Sue Thomson, Trowbridge Wiltshire

"We ring Rackety’s because of all the companies we deal with you are the easiest and most helpful. Your products wash and last well, the sizing works for us and we can order simply over the phone"
Care home manager, Martine Dell

"With your vests we are really sorted -before we found you my son had his vest off and his nappies off it was horrendous, since we have started using the vests it has all stopped"
Barbara Herne, August 09

"It made a lot of difference having clothing for my daughter that was practical as well as pretty and really comfortable. The quality is excellent allowing for the frequent washing required and it really made life possible for us."
Diane Potter

RE all in one swimwear:
"The quality is just lovely we wash them all the time, the zip is essential for my daughter who has CP to get them on and off easily.  The length is just right to cover her nappies up the shoulders stay put, and its lovely and pretty, just well worth the money. Everyone asks me where I have got them from, they’re brilliant."
Rachel Jones, Cardiff

Re adult vests:
"These vests are invaluable, they not only keep him warm ( son aged 21 ) but they deter him long enough from taking his nappy off in the most inappropriate places."
Mrs Cheryl Brinkworth, Leicester

"The PJ’s are great, they have stopped her getting in her bum,and got her out of her old pajama’s that are much too small."
Mrs Emma Exton-Cook, Erdington

"The pop stud singlets we ordered from you guys are brilliant - we wish there was more adaptive clothing here - time to open a shop in Oz!!!"
The Green Family, Australia, August 09

Re PJ’s:
"They have been absolutely invaluable-I had a right game getting them made before you came along- You can quote me all you like the’ve been BRILLIANT"
Mrs J R Lowe, Foster Mum, Kidderminster

Re Vests:
"They are absolutely brilliant, they wash and wear so well, I’ve had all the styles and colours, they’re superb. I know they are quite expensive but I think they are cost effective, no one else thinks about the needs of my daughter who has Downs syndrome. Your vests keep her warm and comfortable, they are so much better than a vest and pants."
Mrs Knutton, Macclesfield

"Thank you so much for your speedy service and delivery of my daughter’s PJs; she can no longer get to her gastro tube and pull it out.  Now we have a better night’s sleep. So glad we found you."
Mrs Smith

"May I say, all the things you sent me were great, for easy of getting on and off the jackets with Velcro down the back are really helpful, my sons right arm is totally stiff and they are brilliant. We like the fact he looks like a young man in his chair, not an old lady."
Mrs Bloore (Son aged 32 years.)

"The bikini is invaluable when we change her because my daughter has a tracheotomy and a gastrostomy - we are buying a second one they help so much."
Hayley Smallman, MrsKnott, Newcastle Staffordshire

"Its been great because I couldn’t get the vests anywhere once we grew out of baby size- they’ve been really really good, and the cape is great as well, I’m going to try the jacket and snug today to keep her warm."
Lynne McKenzie, Elgin Scotland

Re: The Back fastening jackets, buying her second one: 
"It’s my second one they are magic, I don’t know how I lived without it before, because my boy can’t move or help me in any way and it is so easy to get it on and keep him cosy"
Mrs Jennifer Miller, Dec

"I recently purchased some of your Pretty Piques for my 10 year old daughter. She is terrible about getting out of anything we put her in. With one very easy addition of a stitch across the top of the velcro at the neckline, I can now keep her dressed. Her teacher and I are both very pleased with not only the fact that she stays dressed, but the quality of your products. These are the first garments of this type that I have found that can be worn as an actual shirt. Thank you for filling a great need!"
Susan Garrett