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ADULT T-shirt Popper Vest R136

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ADULT T-shirt Popper Vest R136

Soft cotton vests that keep everything in the right place, stop the embarrassment of nappies being on display, and keep you or the person you care for warm and comfortable all day and through the night.

The T-shirt style means you can wear it either on its own or worn underneath a shirt or a jumper, it looks just like a regular classic white T shirt.


“When I bought the Racketys popper t-shirts, my self esteem went through the roof as I was for so many years struggling with my confidence being severely incontinent. My parents helped me buy the t-shirts and they said it was nice to see me smiling more and less worrying. I thank you for such a great comfortable product which goes a long way to forget I am wearing adult nappies.

 I am so happy your company exists as it is really difficult to explain what it has done for my quality of life. Thank you so much for the amazing stuff you do for adults because I know we are not forgotten once we have moved on from childhood and just want to have a normal as life as possible with independence.”  Luke


♥ 100% pure soft cotton knit fabric.

 3 poppers  for nappy  changing or access to pads

 Washable at 40 -we do NOT recommended tumble drying.


♥ The user or carers changing nappies or pads

 Keep wandering hands away from nappies or pads

 Keep wandering hands away from micky buttons or g-tubes

 Adults with incontinence

 Adults with learning difficulties or physical disabilities.

♥ Keep everything comfortable when lifting or moving


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