R213 ADULT Summer Onsie Pyjama

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R213 ADULT Summer Onsie Pyjama

Zip backed SHORT SLEEVE pyjamas to help get everyone get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

We have graded up the sizes of our zip backed pyjamas by popular request. Many of our customers have grown up wearing the pyjamas and because they work so well ,they want to carry on supplying them as their children grow up.

The Zip back Onsie style is strengthened to help prevent determined strippers or nappy dippers from creating havoc during the night.

Great details to keep the pyjamas on all night so you do not need to worry about waking up to find that the user is freezing cold having stripped off or find the contents of the nappy’s decorating the bedroom walls..

The pyjamas will also help to if the wearer is inclined to pull at or pull out their tubes in the night.



  • 94% soft cotton knit fabric 6% elastane.
  • Double popper fastening to keep the zip from being pulled undone.
  • Zip Back fastening with soft backing so you are not lying on a bare zip.
  • Short Sleeve for those warmer nights
  • Strengthened neck seams to prevent the most determined from tugging the necks open.
  • Printed labels so nothing to irritate children sensitive to itchy woven labels
  • Washable at 40 -we do NOT recommended tumble drying.

  • Keep wandering hands away from nappies
  • Short sleeve for the summer nights
  • Keep wandering hands away from micky buttons or g-tubes
  • Adult with incontinence
  • Adult with learning difficulties or physical disabilities.
  • Help train your child not to pull off their nappies or pads.
  • Prevent your child from wriggling out of their PJ’s in the night and getting cold
  • Stop nappies from sliding down the legs and spilling out into the rest of the room.



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