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R180 Keeley CHILDREN

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R180 Keeley CHILDREN

R180 Keeley vest.

It opens from the left when worn.

Side opening vest that is easy to get on and off as it does not have to go over your child’s head and can be wrapped around and then popped up. Perfect for dressing children with stiff limbs or wriggly dressers- and allows great access for mickey buttons or g-tubes whenever you need it. Keeley vests are named after the little girl whose Mummy suggested the style change- thank you Wendy!

*94% soft cotton elastane knit fabric 6% elastane.

*Poppers all down the side to allow access to mickey buttons or g-tubes

*Popper access for nappy changing

*Printed labels so nothing to irritate children sensitive to itchy woven labels

*Washable at 40 -we do NOT recommended tumble drying.

*Opens out completely so no need to go over the head.




*Children who don’t like clothing going over their heads

*Parents or carers changing nappies

*Parents or carers using mickey buttons or g-tubes

*Keep wandering hands away from nappies

*Keep wandering hands away from micky buttons or g-tubes

*Children with learning difficulties or physical disabilities.


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