Sprint Jeans Blue

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Sprint Jeans Blue


            UK Childs sizes 11.5 - 7 ( European child sizes 30-40 )

Sports boots with great ankle support .

The Sprint has the appearance of a blue suede boxing boot with rigid ankle support, contrasting white top stitching, laces and trim. All made from the softest quality suede leather.

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, the sprint looks sporty on the outside and has many features that will help your child’s feet to be as comfortable as possible due to the medically approved details and features that are often recommended by orthopaedists and podiatrists.

There is an adjustable belt at the ankle and a corset brace that gives the boot additional support which is especially good for Cerebral Palsy, allowing for correction of defects and prevention of further foot complaints.

Made from the highest quality soft leather on the outside and the inside of the shoes this naturally adapts to the shape of your child’s feet which will make them as comfortable as possible. The leather is also naturally absorbent which reduces the problem if your child struggles with sweaty feet.

Sized right up to a size 7 for older children.

  • 100% super soft highest quality leather

  • Therapeutic for postural defects

  • highly recommended for children with Cerebral Palsy

  • The ankles are fully supported

  • There is an additional strap to tighten around the ankles.

  • The soft highest quality leather will support the foot and reduce sweat.


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