T-Shirt with Built in Bib R153 DryTop's

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T-Shirt with Built in Bib R153 DryTop's

Drytop's have been introduced to offer an alternative to wearing bibs. If your child or the children you care for feel self-conscious as they get older about wearing bibs this could be a good alternative. It looks like a t-shirt but it has a hidden waterproof front panel, backed with a soft jersey lining next to the skin.

We know from our feedback that keeping a dry chest is vitally important for our customers. We also understand the need to keep a dry chest at night time, especially for our customers who drool in the night, or use ventilation or suction. You can wear the Drytop as a pyjama top in bed with your own PJ bottoms to prevent waking up with a wet chest.

♥  Double fronted panel lined with waterproof fabric backed by soft cotton jersey next to the skin.

♥  No labels to irritate or dig in for sensitive skins

♥  Navy top stitch detail on the sleeves and cute label on the shoulder.

♥  Made from 100% pure soft cotton interlock with waterproof fabric in-between.

♥  Machine washable at 40 degrees Do not Tumble dry.

Any size enquiries please contact us [email protected]


♥  Prevent your child from having a damp chest leading to chest infection.

♥  Keep them dry and comfortable day or night.

♥  Same function as a bib but age appropriate in appearance.

♥  Suitable for excessive dribblers.


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